Alternatives to Suicide (Alt2Su)

Person sitting inside a black ring with hands wrapped around knees

Alternatives to Suicide mutual support groups were developed by the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community. From the WMRLC website: "Historically, people have believed that it was too dangerous to offer peer-to-peer support groups focused on the topic of suicide without a clinician present. There are many myths and fears around this sort of group and around suicide in general.  However, as a community we have found strength in coming together to talk about many 'taboo' topics and to support one another in our times of greatest distress.  Our collective wisdom and individual stories have taught us that the space to come together in this way can be powerful and healing.  It is out of this work and learning that the Alternatives to Suicide approach was born...

The Western Mass RLC developed the 'Alternatives to Suicide' approach because the opportunity to talk openly about suicide and feelings of deep emotional distress with others who have or are experiencing similar struggles can be a powerful way to support people to move through those darkest places.  During groups, people share their successes and their challenges, provide support for one another and strategize and share ideas for coping with difficult life circumstances.  People are encouraged to come both in times of strength and challenge.  Individuals need not identify as being in 'crisis' in order to attend."

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