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What is ICI Connect?

ICI Connect is a simple, free online platform that is designed to help people who are asking questions or thinking critically about the mental health system find and connect with each other in person. After creating basic profiles, members can search by location and/or interest for other members who live nearby in order to connect, share connectionsinformation, spark new friendships or collaborations, provide mutual support or advocacy, organize public learning events or groups, set up crisis networks, or begin to build grassroots community alternatives to the mental health system. Our members are generally people who’ve experienced or witnessed some of the misleading, coercive or harmful aspects of our current mental health system – we’re part of a rapidly growing segment of society that has become passionate about developing alternative approaches and building more mutually supportive and socially just communities beyond the mental health system.

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  • Click here to join us! (Existing TWP Connect members who want to join ICI Connect should log in first and click the “ICI Connect” tab under “My Account”.)
  • Are you someone who has withdrawn, is withdrawing, or is considering withdrawing from psychiatric drugs? Then our sister group TWP Connect may also be of interest to you! 
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Who is ICI Connect for and not for?

You should join ICI Connect if you are one of the increasing number of people who are grappling in some way with the problems of today’s mental health system, and are starting to wonder about – or are already sure of – the need for more than just minor changes.

Perhaps, from witnessing the impacts first-hand, you’ve become concerned about the mental health system’s medicalized model of care and its frequent uses of coercion and force. Maybe you or someone you know has been harmed more than helped by psychiatric diagnoses or interventions. Or maybe you’re wondering about why we keep hearing about ever larger numbers of people struggling with “mental health problems” even as mental health interventions are becoming ever more widely used. But whatever perspectives inform our concerns or how long we’ve had them for, they all bring us to the same questions: If the mental health system doesn’t have our answers, where else can we turn? And how do we find others who feel similarly? These are the questions that led us to create ICI Connect.

For those of us at Inner Compass Initiative who’ve been writing and speaking publicly about these issues, we hear hands togetherfrom more and more people every day who are eagerly seeking information, insights, support, validation, and hope from others who understand or have “been there”. They’re yearning to find others who want to come together in however big or small a way to begin to imagine and build different resources, options, and supportive spaces. And, perhaps more than anything, they’re simply seeking good old-fashioned, human connections: Those warm, real-world, in-person, shake-my-hand, look-into-my-eyes, share-our-stories-together kinds of connections. Yet they tell us that it’s often hard, if not impossible, to find people or groups in their own communities that take a human-centered, spiritually open, scientifically critical, non-clinical and civil rights-focused approach to understanding and addressing emotional and mental difficulties.

That’s what ICI Connect is for. Through creating new connections and relationships, we can inspire new hope and possibility, plant new seeds, and lay foundations for different pathways forward—each one of us becomes a vital asset in a growing grassroots movement.

ICI Connect is not for everyone. We all arrive at our questions and critical perspectives from different backgrounds and experiences, on different timelines, and in different ways, and ICI Connect is intended to be an understanding, safe and respectful space for all of our members. With that said, there are some attitudes and beliefs that our members consider to be both untrue and extremely harmful, and if you firmly believe them, then we ask that you not register for ICI Connect at this time. Please do not register to join ICI Connect if you firmly believe, without question, in one or more of the following claims:

  • “Mental disorders have been scientifically proven to be biological diseases that require medical interventions, and the only valid, trustworthy perspectives on mental disorders and treatments come from medically trained doctors and mental health professionals.”
  • “People who resist their psychiatric diagnoses or the treatments given to them by medical doctors or mental health professionals only do so because they lack insight into their illnesses.”
  • “It is offensive, irresponsible, and even dangerous when people publicly challenge the scientific validity of psychiatric diagnoses or the safety and effectiveness of common psychiatric treatments.”
  • “Forcibly giving people psychiatric drugs against their wills is sometimes necessary for their own good.”

If you firmly believe that any one of the above claims is undeniably true and beyond question, please do not apply to join ICI Connect – instead, we encourage you to take some time to explore the educational materials available on our website. And note that we use the phrase “firmly believe”; if you have in the past believed these things—even firmly—but now find yourself questioning these beliefs and feel open to exploring and learning with others about alternative ideas and approaches, then we encourage and welcome you to join ICI Connect!

How does ICI Connect work?

Every member chooses a username and completes a simple profile indicating a little about themselves, where they are locatedloudspeaker, and their main interests in connecting with others. Members can easily search for and find each other based on their mutual interests and/or their geographic location. Common interests include, for example, connecting for one-on-one meet-ups with fellow ex-patients, family members or critically-minded practitioners, or finding others interested in organizing mutual aid groups, local discussion groups and learning events.

Members can contact each other privately by means of a contact form. When you choose to contact a member by clicking the member’s “Contact” button and completing the contact form, your message and the email address that you provided during ICI Connect registration will be automatically routed to that member’s personal email inbox. After that, the member who receives your message can choose to email you directly at your email address.

ICI Connect is not a fully developed social media platform, and it may never be – its primary purpose is to help people find each other in their own local communities. However, we will be actively seeking input from our members about how we can improve the platform’s usefulness.

Is ICI Connect confidential?

You are not required to provide a real name or other personally identifying information during registration for ICI Connect, except for a working email address. Member profiles are accessible and visible only to other registered members. You will always have control over if and when you share your email address or any other personally identifying information with other members. You can change or delete your profile at any time. We may occasionally directly contact individual members or groups of members for the purposes of improving what we offer or to help facilitate public actions, events or gatherings in particular communities – but we will never share your personal information with any third parties except as technically necessary to provide our services. Read our complete Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

How do I join?

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Are you feeling ready to join ICI Connect? Great! Just click on the link below. After you submit your registration form, you’ll receive an automatic email notification indicating that it has been received and that an ICI Connect administrator will review your application soon. Once approved (normally within a day or two), you’ll receive another notice and you’ll be ready to log in and start using ICI Connect.

Registration Troubleshooting Tip: If, after submitting your registration, you're informed that you've left a field null, go back and make sure to do both of the following:

  1. Place a pin on the geographical map
  2. Fill out every field that has a red asterisk