England's All Party Parliamentary Group for Prescribed Drug Dependence announced the release of a systematic review looking at issues of physical dependence and withdrawal from the psychiatric drugs commonly called “antidepressants”.

ICI Executive Director Laura Delano discusses taking and coming off psychiatric drugs, along with the work of Inner Compass Initiative and ICI's The Withdrawal Project, on Mad in America Radio.

The New York Times' mention of Inner Compass Initiative's The Withdrawal Project has set off a whirlwind of activity, interest, and awareness for our organization and its many resources.

Laura Delano reflects on her decision to stop drinking alcohol eight years ago and her decision to leave an "alcoholic" identity behind.

A piece on the importance of getting informed about psychiatric medication dependence, tolerance, and withdrawal prior to starting a taper.

Public Health England launches an investigation into the matter of dependence and withdrawal caused by psychiatric drugs and opioids.

Laura Delano shares briefly about her experiences as a psychiatric patient and how her journey led her to the vision for ICI and TWP.

An introduction to the ‘News & Blog’ section and an explanation of why it's here, how it works, and what voices you'll find in it.

Laura Delano discusses why ICI Connect was built, what its primary purpose is, and how it works.