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We are eager to hear from you!sunrise

Countless people have awoken or are in the midst of waking up to the problems of the current mental health system. At Inner Compass Initiative, we know that there are many people like us who feel fired up about the need for change, but who also too often feel isolated, silenced, invalidated, or powerless. ICI aims to be a “change multiplier”; we want to be a hub for people like us to find each other and multiply our impacts by working together. If you share our values and that idea inspires you, Inner Compass Initiative is eager to hear from you.

ICI is actively researching, writing, creating, cultivating, connecting, organizing, building, and supporting grassroots efforts through both our broader organization and our first initiative, The Withdrawal Project. We want to help people empower themselves through self-education and take meaningful action to begin building a future beyond the mental health system. But no person or organization can make real change happen alone. We need people like you—your experiences, your wisdom, your ideas, your energy, your abilities, your strength, and your voice.

If you’d like to help out right away, here are five simple things you can do:  

  1. If you haven’t already, register for ICI Connect and/or The Withdrawal Project’s TWP Connect and make yourself available to other people who are seeking connections. 
  2. Contact friends and colleagues whom you think might be interested in finding (or being found by) like-minded others at ICI Connect and/or The Withdrawal Project’s TWP Connect, and encourage them to join.
  3. Share our information and resources with others.
  4. Participate in the conversations we're getting started on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
  5. If you’d like to provide financial assistance to help further our efforts, please click here for more information on how you can support us.

Have more energy and time to offer?

Great! As we get ourselves off the ground, Inner Compass Initiative is actively seeking volunteers to help us in more specific ways both immediately and for possible future projects both at ICI and ICI's The Withdrawal Project. Here is a partial list of volunteer opportunities:

compassBecome a Go-To Volunteer

Apart from the more specific projects outlined below, we are eager to be connected to a “go-to” team of volunteers whose hearts are deeply invested in our mission and who feel energized about taking on different tasks and projects either solo or in collaboration with other “go-to” volunteers. If none of the projects below feel fully aligned with you but you feel this kind of energy and ability, let us know! 

sunBecome an ICI Connect and/or TWP Connect Ambassador

We are seeking to grow our ICI Connect and TWP Connect platforms through effective online outreach, promotion, communication, and preliminary organizing efforts so that as many people as possible can find and connect with like-minded others in their local communities, and we can effectively grow both Connect platforms to meet the needs of our members. If engaging with others online or in the real world around building spaces beyond the mental health system is something you're energized about, get in touch about the possibility of joining our volunteer Ambassador team.

networkHelp us with digital and social media strategy, outreach, and promotion

Do you have professional experience with helping organizations get the word out about who they are and what they’re all about? We are eager for additional support in strategy efforts around how we can most effectively reach the broader public.

cameraShare your graphic design, art, illustration, photography or video skills

Are you a graphic designer, website designer, or a person with a professional background in the visual arts? Do you work or have substantial skills as a visual artist, photographer, illustrator or filmmaker? We would love to have more multimedia support as we develop our website and other projects.

laptopHelp our team by contributing your Drupal or Sys Admin skills

We would really appreciate having support with our continuing website development. If you have skills with Drupal 8 or online systems administration and security and would be willing to help us out either occasionally or on an ongoing basis, we’d be thrilled.

pencilTake on a writing and/or research project with us

Are you a skilled researcher, writer or journalist with a critical awareness of all things "mental illness" and "mental health"? We’re always looking to develop new research and writing projects. Shoot us your ideas, or let us know that you’re interested in having us call on you to discuss one of our own ideas.

connectionJoin our Practitioner Task Force or become a researcher ally

Are you a mental health or medical practitioner who believes the current mental health system is causing more harm than good and wants to get involved to make change happen, especially when it comes to helping people safely and responsibly come off psychiatric drugs? Are you a researcher who truly understands the serious risks of common mental health interventions and the vital importance of fostering more independent research? We are looking to build a network of like-minded practitioners and researchers in order to help you find one another, organize among each other, and get the support and resources you need to do your work more effectively. We also always appreciate having well-informed, critically-minded practitioners and researchers who might be able to review some of our written materials and provide feedback.

lighthouseJoin TWP’s Family Member Task Force

Are you the parent, sibling, child or partner of someone who is in the process of coming off psychiatric drugs or has done so in the past? Has the experience sparked a fire in you to help make change happen—and especially to help other family members who are embarking on the journey as a supporter of someone in psychiatric drug withdrawal? Consider joining TWP’s Family Member Task Force, which is working to build helpful resources, supports, and connecting opportunities for family members seeking guidance and hope. 

question markSomething Else?

Is there something else that you think you could help us with, but we haven’t mentioned it yet? We’d love to hear your ideas.

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If one or more of these possibilities resonate with you, please contact us using our website contact form, and be sure to include the following information:

  1. Your name.
  2. The city/town, state/province, country you live in.
  3. A quick summary of your connection to our values and mission, and why you want to get involved with Inner Compass Initiative and/or The Withdrawal Project (2-5 sentences is plenty).
  4. A quick summary of your skillsets and abilities, indicating whether you’ve done any of these things professionally and, if so, for how many years. If you want to share your CV, samples of your work, relevant URL links, or anything else for us to see, please feel free to!
  5. What skills you are willing to offer and/or which project(s) you’re most interested in getting involved with and in what way(s). (e.g. providing ongoing or occasional consultations; helping for a certain number of hours per week or month; helping with a specific, time-limited project; working on your own; collaborating with others; etc.).