Marianne Abdelahad, LMHC

Marianne has worked in emergency services as a behavioral health clinician for thirty years. She is an advocate for reform in our health care system and the legal frameworks which support it. Through the lens of a clinician and family member, Marianne became aware that psychiatric medication can cause significant harm, far more than pharmaceutical companies disclose. As she examined her beliefs about the merits of medication, she learned of the risks and challenges associated with getting off medication and the absence of available support and guidance. In light of the evidence, Marianne asserts it is time to change long established practices, incorporate emerging data, and design a health care system that puts consumer rights at the center and provides safe alternatives to pharma based treatment. Marianne's main focus is to instill hope and collaborate with those who want to get off medication, explore possibilities and begin to heal. She urges practitioners to create recovery based, drug withdrawal programs that value a person's right to make his/her own health care decisions. Marianne is on the ICI Practitioner Task Force and TWP Family Member Task Force.