Resources that aren’t focused on critiquing but rather on exploring other frameworks, understandings, models, theories, and practices entirely beyond the mental health system and medical model; where spiritual emergence model, trauma model, politicizing suffering, beyond mind-body dualism, etc. would go. Personal blogs and stories about leaving behind labels, leaving behind therapy, leaving behind professionals (excluding withdrawal stories, which belong at TWP). Organizations, trainings, models, etc. that are entirely outside medical model.

"The documentary Crazywise explores what can be learned from people around the world who have turned their psychological crisis into a positive transformative experience."

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"Spiritual crisis is a turbulent period of psychological opening and transformation."

"At ISEN we are passionate about providing a collaborative platform that connects networks around the world that offer compassionate support to those who understand their experiences to be a spiritual crisis rather than a mental illness, raising awareness of a non-pathological integral framework within the mental health field."

"This second edition of Models of Madness challenges those who hold to simplistic, pessimistic and often damaging theories and treatments of madness.

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"I practice Schizophrenistry — the art of turning multiple realities into words, pictures, and actions without any social constraints to enable those with lesser realities an access into mine." (re-quoted from Todd Murphy) 

Val Resch

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A disorder for everyone (AD4E) is a one-day event for anyone who is challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis and exploring trauma informed alternatives.

This co-produced project from psychologists and survivors in the UK argues for a non-medical, narrative-based approach to distress, and can be used to construct different and more empowering stories of recovery.

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An online library of articles, interviews, videos, and more from Leonard Roy Frank (1932-2015), prolific writer and influential ex-patient activist who spent decades speaking out against the conventional mental health system, and particularly, electroshock. 

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"Intervoice (International Hearing Voices Projects) is a charity, registered in the UK, that aims to support the International Hearing Voices Movement by connecting people, sharing ideas, distributing information, highlighting innovative initiatives, encouraging high quality respectful research and promoting its values across the world."

"The Hearing Voices Network (HVN) USA is one of over 20 nationally-based networks around the world joined by shared goals and values, incorporating a fundamental belief that there are many ways to understand the experience of hearing voices and other unusual or extreme experiences."