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Our ‘News & Blog’ sections at the Inner Compass Initiative (ICI) and The Withdrawal Project (TWP) websites will be serving an important role, so I want to share a bit about our plans for what you can expect to find here.

A place to “meet” ICI/TWP team members and participate in discussions

Most of the articles, guides, tools and other content on ICI and TWP are team-created resources. But here in the blogs we plan to feature individual voices, and encourage comments and discussions. We hope you’ll participate! All registered members of ICI Connect and TWP Connect are able and welcome to post comments here. (Once submitted, a comment is reviewed before it’s posted to make sure it’s in alignment with our Terms & Conditions.) And ICI and TWP both have their own blogs – so sometimes you may seem the same post on both sites, and sometimes posts about certain topics may appear on one site but not the other.

What will be posted here?

As we begin to get ourselves out there into the world, you’ll mostly find me (Laura Delano, Executive Director) posting here. I’ll be sharing what’s going on with Inner Compass Initiative and The Withdrawal Project, sometimes alongside more personal thoughts and reflections about our activities. We’ll also have posts authored by “ICI/TWP Staff” that will highlight different pieces of content from our two websites, and we hope these will become places where discussions about the topics we cover can take place, and perhaps even at times new ideas for adding to or improving our content will get generated. In the near future, my hope is that additional voices beyond mine and the organization’s will emerge in these blogs—for example, regular or one-time blogs written by contributors or volunteers, or guest blogs written by people from our Connect communities who have personal stories to share about psychiatric drug withdrawal, leaving behind psychiatric diagnoses, using a piece of ICI or TWP content to initiate discussion with friends or family, and more. If contributing to the blogs in some way might interest you, please get in touch!

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Thank you for your comment.  We are so very sorry to hear of the very difficult experience you're having. You may consider joining TWP Connect, if you haven’t already, as you may be able to find others there-- perhaps even in your geographical area-- who have already tapered off or are in the midst of tapering off their medications. There is a lot of crowdsourced wisdom in our community! -Nicole @ The ICI Team